Let’s save our school

We are group of concerned parents and we are not affiliated with the school in any other way


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What you can do

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Attend or speak at these meetings:

3 meetings all at 4401 Old Airport Rd Concord NC 28025 (Cabarrus County Schools administration building).

All at 6pm in the Board Room which is off the lobby to the right.

1/22 Joint BOE & County Commissioners meeting

(observe only)

1/29 Public Hearing about closure of BHES

(*can speak if registered by day of at noon)

2/12 BOE meeting when they will vote on realignment plan

(*can speak if registered by day of at noon)

*Email boardclerk@cabarrus.k12.nc.us to request to speak.

(Speakers must provide contact information including their name, group name [if applicable], relationship to Cabarrus County Schools, address, and phone number, and list the general education related topic of their presentation for the board minutes.)

Gradient that fades to transparency
Gradient that fades to transparency

Not sure what to include in an email?

1) Who you are and what connections you have to the county and the school system

2) Why you think closing BHES & combining it with CWES on current Coltrane property is not the best choice - especially since a county staff member said that BHES students will probably stay at Irvin where we are realigned even after the new downtown school is built.

3) Why you think the SOS proposal that keeps both BHES & CWES on their own property and adds much-needed pre-K seats to both is a much better investment - even though multiple county staff members have stated that they don’t think that smaller schools are a good investment, even though it means that each nurse, school, resource officer, librarian, and other teachers and staff has a smaller group of students to invest in.

Let’s fight together to stop the county staff from going in the wrong direction - just because big, new schools look good on a website does not mean it is the best thing for students!

SOS Board of Education Proposal

SOS Board of Education Proposal